Fun and Creative Ideas for Engaging Kids During Online Classes

by Daisy, Mar 28 2023

Education plays a crucial role in the overall development of a kid and a better career path. It can help kids improve their thought processes and build a safe future. Parents and guardians wish to place their kids in one of the best schools for good-quality education. They wish that their kids start learning the basics so that they may not struggle in higher classes.

A large number of people consider maths a bit complex and thus look for the best online classes for kids to help them understand the concepts of Maths in an easy-going way. We, at Creta Class, aim to provide a fun-learning digital platform to kids aged between 3 and 8. We cover all essential topics of Maths, including logical reasoning, geometry, measurement & data, problem-solving, numbers & operations, and arithmetic.

The lesson plans are designed in such a way that your kids will enjoy learning. Our creative and fun-learning teaching methods can help your children to develop a deep interest in Maths. You can have a look at various activities conducted by us to make your kids study and enjoy at the same time.

Fun & Creative Ideas for Engaging Your Kids During Online Classes

We, at Creta Class, conduct a wide variety of activities to help your children study without feeling bored. Our faculty is observant and keeps personalized attention to kids to ensure that they are participating, engaging, and taking an interest in the core.

Fun Games

From the initial stage, it is important to help your kids understand the concepts, formulas, and topics so that they do not mug them up and gain nothing.

Our fun puzzles and online games add learning and entertainment so that your kids can be aware of the understanding of concepts or formulas and have in-depth knowledge. Some advantages of fun games are mentioned below:

  • Help your children develop a habit of learning
  • Engage your kids more and make them active learners
  • May improve your children’s attention and focus


Our online classes for kids do not emphasize only theoretical knowledge. We design our lesson plans in a way that they focus on both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills. We conduct quizzes after every lecture to ensure your kids learn something productive. Thus, we are coming up with different quiz sessions after every lecture for:

  • Ensuring your kids have understood the lecture
  • Knowing where your kids are lacking behind so that our team emphasizes more on their weaknesses
  • Increasing student participation
  • Brush up their previous knowledge

Mini Maths Stories

Storytelling is one of the efficient ways to teach complex methods easily. Kids like to hear stories, especially when exciting cartoon characters are involved, and they try to connect with the cartoon characters & think accordingly.

Thus, following the child's behavior and response, Creta Class has designed mini Maths stories to help kids engage, think, and learn. They may remember the stories and lessons learned and can do well in examinations as well real life. We bring plenty of Maths stories based on different topics and concepts to attract kids to learn more and increase their interests.

Interactive Videos

Creta Class brings plenty of interactive videos that can help your kids visualize the concepts or topics easily. With the help of our videos designed on different concepts, your kids can pause, rewind, and go back to any portion of the video. This can help the kids not miss any important topics and revise what they have learned so far.

Visual Presentation

Kids love to watch graphics, i.e., videos and pictures. With visual aids, it is easier to help kids understand different Maths topics, such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Creta Class provides interactive visuals and animated videos to attract kids and increase their participation. We make the curriculum with audiovisual means so that kids can grasp knowledge swiftly and easily. With the help of various presentations and creative slides, students take an interest in the topic and enjoy it.

Problem-Solving Case Studies

In most situations, kids cram the formulas without understanding their origin and fundamentals. Our team of experts brings problem-solving assignments and case studies so kids can imagine the situation or scenarios and solve problems. With the help of these assignments, we may know the presence of mind of your kids and put the effort in areas where your kids need to catch up.

Math Talk

Our artificial intelligence features interact with your kids to help them revise their lectures by communicating the concepts.


To engage your kids, our team has specially designed worksheets to analyze the progress of your kids. The engaging worksheets can help your kids solve problems quickly. We, at Creta Class, ensure your kids retain topics and knowledge by practicing worksheets daily.

Sum Up!

We, at Creta Class, provide online classes for kids aged between 3 and 8. We help kids to develop a keen interest in Maths and have clear fundamentals.

With our fun learning Maths activities, kids enjoy and learn various concepts. We conduct activities, such as quizzes, puzzle solving, worksheets, and visual presentations, to develop a deeper understanding of the concept or topic.

With us, you may track the progress and scores of your kids to know the areas in which your kids are doing great and where they are lacking behind. Based on your kids' progress, our tutors can help them work on weak areas. You can book a demo session, and feel free to contact us.