Introduction to Division Sums for Beginners

by Daisy, Apr 11 2023

Creta class is a one-stop solution to teach your kids tough math concepts. Our professional mentors have designed courses in such a way that kids can understand topics in one go. Basic math starts with simple topics like sum, subtraction, multiplication & division. Mostly, parents take the help of stories & real-life things to explain the concept of the division sum. For instance, take 3 apples in your hand, and if we take two more apples from the basket, it will become 5 apples now. It is the most friendly way to learn basic concepts. However, math classes can help kids to be ready for academic learning.

We recommend parents use the award-winning Creta Class app & watch a few demo classes. It will give a better idea about our expertise in kids’ education with AI-based learning, short & crisp lessons, and 1-1 mentoring to level up kids’ confidence with math division questions.

Learn Division With Sharing & Grouping Through Creta Class

Sharing: With Creta Class, we can make the division sum easy for kids. We can learn division with the use of sharing concepts. The division topic courses contain case-based questions for kids, where they require to share an amount equal or group any certain amount into equal sets. For instance, how can we distribute twelve oranges among four people? Now kids will use the formula with dividend, divisor & quotient and get the answer that each person will get three oranges.

We, at Creta Class, provide 15 minutes a day, 5 days per week, lessons to help kids between 3-8 years build a solid foundation for math.

Grouping: You will find another concept of division sum in Creta Class lessons, known as grouping. This method signifies that division is inversely proportional to multiplication. For instance, how many bags are to be filled with 12 apples in such a way that each bag gets 3 apples? Here, kids can use the grouping method to get the answer, as four bags can be filled with three apples each.

Creta Class won International Education Awards 2022 and has more in-depth learning of division sums with visual presentation, practice lessons, math talk about solving your doubt, and real-time feedback ensuring positive motivation for children. Using the Creta Class app, kids can learn the concept of division anytime & anywhere with short lessons.

Stepwise Guidance for Division Sum for Kids

Division is a mathematical concept and also the opposite of multiplication. It involves splitting numbers into different groups & parts. Mostly, primary school taught three basic methods of division: chunking, short division & long division questions.

Creta Class uses a better approach to enhance online learning for kids. Our course is designed with the ability to segment into three levels, behavioral, cognition, and social aspects. Our online platform uses visual presentation & creative interface helps children to improve their imagination, creativity, and thinking skills. Personalized AI adaptive learning will make kids independent to get the lessons by just tapping on the app.

Chunking: The division method is used where larger numbers can easily divide into smaller ones, even in mind. If Kids use chunking methods, they repeatedly subtract the divisor from the dividend until they get the answer. For example, if we want to divide 12 by 3, it can be solved by 12-3 until it becomes 0. After the four steps, the value becomes zero, with the right answer being 4.

Short Division: The short division is taught as the quick and efficient method to learn the division of larger numbers. Once kids get comfortable with the chunking concept, they can go ahead with practicing for short divisions. In these questions, remainders can be left after solving the whole division problem.

Long Division: Once kids get comfortable with the basics of division, they can start solving long division problems having two digits & three digits numbers. It involves the use of formulas for dividend, divisor & quotient.

Creta Class has a systematic curriculum designed under the top team with years of expertise. We provide videos, quizzes, math talks, and real-time generated feedback reports. Our platform ensures the best practice sessions for kids, and our technology-driven platform makes them tech smart. It expands their thinking capabilities and provides an interactive environment even with online learning. Take some demo classes to curate skills based on levels of cognition, action, and social skills.

Use the Math Learning App of Creta Class!

Every parent expects a systematic curriculum that makes it fun to learn Math as kids escape from the subject. Creta Class can vanish such challenges with fun interactive AI modules that foster kids' interest in learning. Immersive classes level up the interactive math learning experiences. We extend personalized mentoring sessions whenever kids find difficulty with lessons. Daily reports can keep parents up to date about their children's progress. Instant feedback helps to keep kids engaged, confident & motivated for further learning.

Our Creta Class curriculum is distributed in stage levels to cover children's overall growth. With every stage, kids can work on different skills like step-by-step thinking, sequential, model & abstract thinking. Creta Class opens the door to progressive learning pathways for every child. Using the award-winning Creta Class, the best learning app for kids by international education awards 2022, our lesson can help kids ace the math division sums.