Learn Math Effortlessly in Interesting Ways

by Daisy, Feb 28 2023

Education plays a vital role in the kid’s knowledge development, and this can improve their thought process and build a successful career ahead of them. Most parents try to place their kids in the best school possible to provide them with quality education. In recent past few years, before entering school, kids were engaged in fun learning at home by their parents. Among different topics & subjects, Math is considered slightly complex, and parents often look for options about how to understand maths easily for their children.

Many online education platforms launch their maths online classes for kids, like Creta Class. They cover all essential topics ranging from Problem-solving, arithmetic, data analysis, and logical reasoning to build up their critical thinking, confidence, and thinking skills. Award-winning Best Educational App for Kids of the Year, Creta Class focuses on developing base math skills to advance topics.

Some Interesting Ways to Learn Math

Problem-Solving Case Studies

If you ask the teacher how to learn maths easily, they will tell you about solving problem-based cases. For example, if you have 7 apples in your basket and someone takes away 4, how many are left in the basket? This type of case-based question helps kids to imagine scenarios and solve problems. It is more effective than just learning formulas without understanding the fundamentals. Creta Class brings problem-solving assignments that develop essential math skills in your kid, including addition, multiplication, and subtraction.

Fun Games

Another exciting way to understand tough topics of Math is by playing fun online games. Kids will enjoy these games and not get bored. This will help parents to persuade their children to study for long hours. Creta Class rolled out fun puzzle games that add entertainment and learning on the same page. Kids get to understand how to learn maths with formulas, where they don’t have to mug up topics; instead, it makes them aware of basic understanding of formulas.

Developing Mini Math Stories

Storytelling is one of the best ways to teach complex topics, as humans connect with stories fastly. Online platforms design chapters of math classes with interesting cartoon characters that make them more relatable and convert tough topics into easy-to-understand. Also, there is more chance that kids will remember these stories and perform well in their examinations. In comparison to regular classes, math topics in story form connect with students in a better way. Creta Class brings stories on many topics with cartoon characters that attract kids to learn more and enhance their focus & concentration.

Visual Presentation

Attractive slides created through visual presentation make online learning better pick-up than regular classes. These slides are created by the best professional teachers with years of experience teaching and knowledge about techniques to teach kids how to learn maths easily. With interactive graphics and animated videos, the online class attracts kids more than the ordinary class setup, where they note essential formulas and solve problems. Creta Class makes their curriculum with visual presentations created by the best-experienced teachers to help your kids to grasp topics quickly.

Online Classes

The Internet opens doors of new avenues that make a perfect combination of education & technology. In recent years, many online platforms launched their class to improve the quality of education with the support of inbuilt applications. Creta Class makes an interesting app that involves kids spending time learning & playing together. We smartly do our modules by adding fun elements. Our curriculum includes simple 15-minute lessons and introduces one lesson per day, this will not create a burden on kids, and they will learn more efficiently.

Learning through Mobile Devices

Nowadays, everything is available on your mobile phone, even online learning. Accessing these classes through an android phone gives parents an added advantage to make their kids learn math. As children get influenced by the actions of adults, they indulge in using android phones for fun games. So, parents can play small 15-minute lessons of Creta Class to utilize their timing in a better way and enhance their knowledge with fun. Creta Class makes a compatible application that can easily be accessible anytime & anywhere. Our app also provides the option of unlimited access to many unlocked sessions.

Easy Worksheets

The interesting worksheet can help kids with solving problems in a short while, and it can improve their speed and productivity. Creta Class makes creative assignments and worksheets overall in quiz sessions that help kids to retain topics by practicing and revisions at intervals.

These worksheets are designed to help kids improve their understanding. It is more like a test and exam that provides progress reports. Creta Class brings instant reports about scores & progress status of kids for parents. This will help to analyze constant development. Also, teachers will get details about progress and work on improving the weak points of individual kids.

Final Words

Learning math will not be a difficult task for kids; they can play games and enjoy learning at the same time. You should try our Creta Class App, entitled the Best Learning App for Kids of the Year by International Education Awards. Providing amazing short lessons with quality content that covers essential topics, including measurement & data, problem-solving, logic & patterns, geometry, number & operations, and attention & memory. Try our free maths class for kids demo sessions, and you will get to know about our quality services.