Make Your Kids Math Ready With Creta Class

by Daisy, Feb 28 2023

Introducing your little ones and growing ones to mathematics might be challenging for you as a parent. Mathematics is a vast subject matter that requires regular practice and application to ace the knowledge. Creta Class India is a genuine and trusted platform to get your kids started with the introduction to math and make numbers their best friends.

Teaching math to the kids calls for a technical and patient technique. By getting into Creta maths class, your little champs will get to explore various aspects of the subject.

Read the article to know more about the ultimate math class to take your kids’ learning experience to the next level.

Why Is it Important to Start Learning Early?

Learning is a slow and gradual process that goes through various stages. Early learning has proven benefits for the overall development of a child. The earlier they begin learning, the more conscious and curious they become about things. Besides, there are numerous more merits to getting your kids' learning journey started early.

  • Starting at an early age helps to strengthen the basics of the subjects
  • Early learning helps in the personality development of the child
  • It helps in activating the holistic development of your child
  • As time passes, your child's concentration improves
  • Constant interaction and socialization aid confidence and self-esteem

We, at Creta maths class, aim to make the kids' learning period fun and engaging. We focus on multiple aspects while your kid learns with our platform. We are constantly working hard to nurture and rejuvenate the little brains.

Creta Class Makes Math Fun to Learn

Creta Class is a trusted and award-winning platform to help your kids' knowledge expand. We have bagged two awards in the 'Best Learning App for Kids of the Year' at the International Education Awards event and the 'Best Educational App for Kids of the Year' at Indian Education and Ed-Tech Awards.

Creta Class provides a fun learning digital environment for your kids. We are always enhancing our animated model of tutoring to bag your kids' attention and help them learn without any distractions.

As a parent, you might struggle with your kids' focus on their studies. We are here to help you with our exciting education pattern with ample fun elements added to eliminate the boring angle from the learning hours. Math is not everyone's favorite.

Services We Offer at Creta Class

Fun Activities

There are various ways to overcome math anxiety and develop an interest in the subject. Creta Class provides different learning activities to make your kid participate actively.


We are coming up with quiz sessions after every lecture, which helps increase student engagement and brush up on their previous knowledge.

Math Talk

It is an artificial intelligence feature that interacts with the kids and helps them revise by communicating the concepts.


The attention span and interest of students in the topic are built with the use of animated audiovisuals. With animation, your kids connect with our lectures and learn with interest.


Educational games can do wonders in crafting a successful learning experience with active fun elements. We at Creta Class combine games and numbers to make kids learning enjoyable.

Practice Modules

Creta Class India provides you with recorded lectures and study materials, so your kid does not miss any chapter introduced. Practice modules are easily accessible to re-learn by rewatching the lessons. Your kid gets an opportunity to revise the lecture by working on this feature.

Progress Tracking

There is no barrier to tracking the progress of your child. Finding a balance between your professional and personal life becomes difficult. If you are a working professional and you need help looking at your kids' academics, Creta maths Class is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to get insights into their learning progress.


Creta classes assign a mentor to your kid. Mentoring assists you and your child in making the learning journey easier. We have skilled and experienced mentors ready to help you whenever required. Our mentors will remind your kids about the class, so they don't miss any.
You can also talk to them and enquire about your child's learning growth.

Flexibility & Convenience

With online mode, your kids can proceed with the lectures at their learning pace. With accessibility to the recorded lecture, your child can learn anytime, anywhere, by tapping on the phone.

Wrapping Up

You might be wondering how to overcome math anxiety. Creta Class serves you in numerous ways to overcome math anxiety. Starting early is the key to building a strong educational base in your kids' learning steps. Creta maths Class is determined to build your kids' math skills through online mode by using advanced techniques. You can visit our website for more information and details on our tutoring pattern and enroll your kid to enhance their skills in mathematics with fun.