Creta Class
Creta Class integrates AI technology and education expertise to provide a fun and inspiring learning experience for children around the world. We strive to foster their love and confidence for learning through our well-rounded education programmes.
Global Presence
Each of our products creates AI-enabled learning journeys for young learners worldwide.
Children between
ages 3-12
cities worldwide
US, Singapore, Japan,
Korea, India and more
Creta Class, Cretapedia,
and Creta Tap
“Creta Scope” Framework
Designed by curriculum experts
Creta Class boasts top graduates from Harvard, Columbia, Cambridge, Tsinghua and other renowned institutions.
Through three key dimensions, Cognition, Action, and Sociality, Creta Class fosters lifelong learning, critical thinking, and soft skills in children.
EdTech Expertise
Our world class AI Team brings innovative solutions to help children learn better.
Microsoft Machine Reading Comprehension
The Stanford Question Answering Dataset Competition
Our Products
Our People
Headquartered in Singapore, Creta Class has offices in Korea and China, and over 2,000 employees worldwide.
Team experts are graduates from Harvard, Columbia, Cambridge, Tsinghua and other top universities. Originally from the United States, Singapore, Korea, Japan, and China, they combine local knowledge with international expertise.
Lively Jenna Catherine
Curriculum Design
Ethan Yan
AI Lab
Michael Santangelo
Course Development
Yu Ri Lee